Welcome to The Reiki Cauldron

Whether you are seeking healing for your mind, body or spirit, you are in the right place. The Reiki Cauldron is a place of safety and tranquility; where you are nurtured and looked after, and for a time you are all that matters.

The witch’s cauldron symbolises the mother’s womb; a place of safety and protection, where one can retreat to rest and recuperate, and reemerge invigorated and energised once again. The cauldron, shaped like the cupped hands of the goddess, is my favourite ritual tool, and is put to work whenever I want to activate a sigil, manifest a healing spell or even cook a hearty stew on the stove top.

When you come for a healing session at The Reiki Cauldron, you are tapping in to the universal healing energies of Reiki and the great mother goddess. Reiki sessions are all given by me, Angel Armogida, a Reiki master trained in both the Usui Natural Healing and Spiritual Energy systems at The Reiki Academy London. Although the Reiki you receive is faithful to the Usui system, a session with me is unique in that I may incorporate sound, crystals and other healing tools which I feel you would benefit from. All clients are also in contact with an earthing mat for the duration of the session, encouraging deep relaxation and healing via the Earth’s grounding properties.